Q. What benefits do merchants receive?
A. Participating merchants have access to 100s of benefits and/or discounts from manufacturers and retailers that help reduce a merchant’s operating expenses.
For a complete list of participating manufacturers and retailers, log into the site. The list of participating manufacturers and retailers may change from time-to-time, depending on numerous factors, such as the quality of the discounts.
Access to the program is only available to participating merchants.

Q. What is the value proposition?
A. Many of the benefits and discounts in the program are not available to the general public, are based on group purchasing power, and/or provide lowest price guarantees by the participating manufacturer or retailer. In other cases, the program provides access to deals, including “clearance-type” deals, as they are made available by the participating manufacturer or retailer.

Q. What are the “Featured Benefits & Discounts”?
A. These are some of the more popular benefits and/or discounts offered by manufacturers and retailers, usually based on a direct agreement with the manufacturer or retailer. “Direct agreement” means that these particular benefits and/or discounts are based on group buying power, are difficult to obtain (in some cases, the “direct agreement” took over 1 year to obtain), and provide particularly powerful benefits and discounts. We strongly recommend merchants consider taking advantage of the benefits and discounts offered in the “Featured Benefits & Discounts” section.

Q. Where are the “Featured Benefits & Discounts” located?
A. After you log in, “Featured Benefits & Discounts” are prominently displayed on the “Benefits” page.

Q. How does a merchant access or log into the program?
A. On the Home page, click on “Log In” or “Get Started”. The first time a merchant logs in, the merchant inserts a “User Name”, which is the last 6 of the merchant’s MID, and the password is the merchant’s zip code. The merchant’s MID and zip code can be found on the merchant statement. Then, during the initial log in process, the merchant will be prompted to create a unique username and password.

Q. What happens if a merchant loses or forgets a unique username or password?
A. On the Home page, click on “Log In”. Then, click on “Trouble Logging In?”. The merchant then enters the MID and ZIP shown on the merchant statement, and is then able to reset and confirm a new password. After three failed login attempts, you will need to reset your username and/or password.

Q. What is in the menu bar on the left hand side of the “Benefits” page?
A. A listing of all of the participating manufacturers and retailers, organized by category.

Q. How often can a merchant use the program?
A. Each manufacturer and retailer sets the terms and conditions for each particular benefit and/or discount. In most cases, usage and access is unlimited.

Q. Can a merchant’s employees access the benefits and/or discounts?
A. Yes, at no additional cost. However, there is only one username and password per account. The merchant is responsible for the security of the username and password.

Q. Is the program a secure site?
A. Yes. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption has been installed on this site.

Q. Is there a monthly fee for the program?
A. Yes. The amount of the fee can be identified by checking your monthly merchant statement with the message announcing the program, or the insert to your statement, or by calling customer support at 1-800-941-6557. After your free trial period is over, the fee is shown in the Fees portion of your monthly statement next to the heading “Monthly Business Plan.”

Q. Is there a free trial period?
A. You will have free access to use the Site for at least 30 days. After expiration of the initial trial period, you will be charged a monthly usage fee

Q. Where is the Privacy Policy located?
A. A link to the privacy policy can be located in the footer of the program site.

Q. Where are the Terms and Conditions located?
A. A link to the terms and conditions can be located in the footer of the program site.

Q. What is the “Calculator” page?
A. Merchants can input their average annual spend for numerous business expense categories, and the calculator will estimate the savings a merchant can experience by using the benefits and discounts in the program.

Q. If a merchant cancels membership in the program, but has already booked or paid for a product or service, will the product or service be cancelled or will the merchant lose those savings?
A. As a general rule, a merchant must be a member in the program to take advantage of its benefits and discounts. However, if a merchant purchases or pre-pays for a product or service prior to cancellation, it will not be cancelled by us.

Q. Can a merchant opt out of the program?
A. Yes, at any time.

Q. How does a merchant opt out of the program?
A. A merchant can opt out on the program site. Click on the “opt out” link located in the footer of the site. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on “opt out”. Enter the requested information and click “submit”.